Job Blessings

To the glory of God, I was blessed with a job in cause of last year's 2022 Conference. Precisely on the 10th of September, 2022 while at the conference ground at the media stand doing my best for His service I received a call.

Media Team Member
Mom's Healing

8/9/22 Conference day one I cried to God to spare my mom's live from health issues. 8/9/23 she called and said "happy birthday I never die" God be praised she's 70. I ask for more healthy and fulfilling life.

Job Offer

Last year's Sunday School Conference,I was without a job working with the media during the Conference. I asked God for a job but the one that will allow me continue rendering my services to him. This year I have a job, I'm still working with the media and I got another better job offer that will soon materilaise. My earnest prayer is that no matter the job I have, I still want to have time work in this Conference with my media team.

Media Team Member


Niger Delta Sunday School Conference | 6 - 10 September 2023 | Civic Center, Moscow Road, Port Harcourt


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